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David Beckham hair: Popular haircuts for boys 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Popular haircuts for boys 2009

Popular haircuts for boys 2009

Hair styling has reached a new zenith in the fashion world recently. Men and women alike are paying close attention the coiffures they sport. There have been a wide a range popular haircuts for boys in 2009.
There has been one end of the spectrum with the professional looking, short cropped hair. This is touched with a touch of highlights or streaks. On the other side are the neo-gothic styles of emo or scene. Both of these present a rebel attitude and are quite popular among the youth.

Additionally boys hairstyles have adapted a number of mid length styles. The hair is layered and given a lot of volume. The layering is done in a number of ways, with the cuts being short and choppy for emo/scene styles or in more muted styles for bob cuts.
A lot of color is being added, for highlights and streaks to enhance the entire image of the user. And boys are willing to try out the entire rainbow of colors to get that special highlighted look.

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