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David Beckham hair: Pete Wentz hairstyles

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pete Wentz hairstyles

Pete Wentz hairstyles

The retro hairstyles have no bigger celebrity supporter than Pete Wentz. He is unafraid to try out new looks and snazzy hairstyles. Always experimenting with his looks to enhance his rick star persona, he is seen as a landmark hairstyling guru.
His has a classic emo style, with all the elements visible in it. It starts with the short bob cut, which closely follows the face. All the hair is flattened straight onto the scalp. The front has the jazzy diagonal bang, which frames the face most unusually. A streak of color applied to this bang makes a subdued style statement.

Another style that he has adopted is to modify the emo look to a very slicked back and sleek look with hair gelled into place and changing the uni-directional bang.
He has even tried a really short, cropped look with slightly spiky ends. This singer-musician has no qualms of adopting new styles and is looked upon as a trendsetter in men’s hairstyles. He has tried pretty much all the retro and indie styles with jagged and razor cut ends.

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