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David Beckham hair: David Beckham's new hair in 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David Beckham's new hair in 2009

David Beckham's new hair in 2009

Years have passed by and David Beckham is still an icon of fashion who defines trends in all aspects. This footballer of England is one of the worlds most celebrated celebrities. David Beckham is the world’s highest paid footballer who plays for AC Milan.

Beckham and his wife Victoria have become the most fashionable couples sought after by world famous fashion designers, fitness experts, magazines and hairstylists. He has endorsed many products which made him one of the world’s most recognizable sportsperson.

Trends have changed in hairstyles depending upon Beckham’s new hairstyles for over a decade. Each year, Beckham’s hairstyles inspire youngsters. After the success of the mini-Mohawk, David shortened it a little and wore a short, darker spiked hair.

David has tried so many hairstyles that it is difficult to keep a note of them. And surprisingly, each one has been a hit among his fans. His hairstyles have been so volatile that almost all the predictions for his hairdos are proved wrong year after year. So only David Beckham can tell how his hair is going to look like in the year 2009.

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