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David Beckham hair: David Beckham Latest Hairstyle

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

David Beckham Latest Hairstyle

David Beckham Latest Hairstyle

David Beckham often does wonders in hairstyles and occasionally does blunders by sporting funny and messy haircuts especially with his Mohawk. Recently, he had experimented for a latest new hairstyle featuring a balanced look between a no-fuss look and shock-value. He carries this particular Mohawk extremely well.

David Beckham' latest hairstyles include a bleached and buzz cut, a fun style featuring short razor cut similar to a crew cut and faux hawk or semi Mohawk hairstyle with sides. It is one of the sexiest hairstyle ever worn by any other player. During the recent holidays, David Beckham was spotted at New York when the Beckham family was on shopping spree. He had gone for a choppy look, which was achieved by a razored cut. He had opted for beautiful highlights and styling wax, which gave him a super sexy and manly look. Apart from his many hairstyles, David Beckham is fond of playing with Mohawk to don a new and a latest hairstyle.

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