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David Beckham hair: David Beckham Hairstyles

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham Hairstyles

Superstar of the football, soccer icon and style idol, David Beckham is equally known for his off-field hairstyles. He loves to try out new hairstyles every now and again. Recently, he was spotted wearing a brilliant and fresh design with razored and chipped hairstyle. David Beckham' versatile shoulder length hairstyle has remained as the most attractive hairstyles so far.

David Beckham is a name synonymous with trendy hair fashion. Fashion world believes that David Beckham is more creative in his hairstyles than his on field free kicks. He must have gone for numerous hairstyles and hairdos especially after settling down at Hollywood. When in Los Angeles, he often wears a sleek look with back and side hair shaved short and top section little longer. Many of his trendy hairstyles include a soft and simple yet sleek design with amazingly beautiful textured color. He can also be seen with layered hairstyle, shaggy hairstyle with upright bangs or a James Bond look with a short hairstyle featuring gelled back hair.

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