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David Beckham hair: How to make the guys hair hold?

Monday, October 5, 2009

How to make the guys hair hold?

How to make the guys hair hold?

It is very difficult to make the guys hair hold but it is not impossible. It need be holding up always unless you would like to get that look. There are many products that can hold your hair up.
The first one is the hair cream. Hair cream is a lotion and apart from holding your hair it will also work as a light conditioner. It will also help to minimize the dryness of the hair.
The next one is Pomade. This product is the coolest of all as it does everything. It will stick, it will hold, give a shine.

The third one is Paste. This will create magic in your hair. It is a fiber based product that can give a matte look and so it is excellent for creating texture and separation.
The next one is goop or putty. Use this product if you would like to have the ultimate hold with some good shine.
The last one is the gel. These are good for guys who want an excellent hold.
So, what is your choice for holding your hair? Choose one among this and get a great look.

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