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David Beckham hair: Teenage Boys hair trends for 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Teenage Boys hair trends for 2009

Teenage Boys hair trends for 2009

In today’s fashionable world, you can find hundreds of unique and stylish hair styles for the teenage boys. Many more can be added to this collection by adding few more bangs and layers. You must have noticed many teenagers with stylish and fashionable hairstyles around the places. In 2009 the teenage boy’s style is the longer hair with many variations to it.

The variations you can find to the hairstyles in 2009 include full bangs with side cuts near the ear and the back hair coming down the neckline. You can also longer hairs with vibrant colored streaks.

EMO hair styles are also the popular hairstyles of teenage boys. They also experiments with the EMO colors and angles that gives a unique look that is different from others. Boys usually like to keep their hair dyed in black. But some of them also prefer to include brown, mixture of black and white, and also some vibrant colors.

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