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David Beckham hair: Boys summer hairstyles

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boys summer hairstyles

Boys summer hairstyles

Summer is still the time for long jaunts with friends, fishing trips and cycling away. Boys summer hairstyles need to reflect this burning energy and activity that fills them this season. Short cropped hair is the hot favorite for the summer. This basic style is accentuated with trendy colors or streaks.

No longer are boys styles limited to the formal classic cuts of office goers and military people. There is a wide range of styling and care that is provided by hair stylists. Also the celebrity stylists are pushing the limits of their creativity to get inspired styles every season.

The short look is very favorable now as it is a low maintenance, no hassle style. Also the face is highlighted and in focus; sometimes short hair lengths may be accented with bangs up till eye level and highlights in multi-colors. Basically the styles tend to stress on the facial characteristics’ of boys, keeping the strong jaw line and sturdy bone structure in focus.

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